How to Recognize Mold

If you see something that looks like green or black spots in a moist place, or an area that’s suffered water damage, it could very well be mold, and there is a very simple thing you can do to find out if it is.

1- Text or Email pictures to our mold remediator – 754.422.6541 or  He is very experienced and can typically tell you if you are indeed dealing with mold, from the images. If we can’t, we will recommend hiring a mold assessor.

2- If there is a strong odor of mold which you cannot locate or see, you need to conduct an air quality test with a mold assessor.


Mold Testing & Remediation

When it comes to mold, two specialists are involved. A mold assessor, and a mold remediator.

Mold assessor’s job is to sample the substance suspected to have mold spurs. This is done by an Air quality test, or a Swab test, which is sent to a laboratory, with results the mold remediator needs to follow as his “guidelines” for the project.

Mold Remeditor’s job is to actually remove the infected areas in a safe manner; to make sure the project is executed without any risks for the occupants, and that other clean areas do not get affected.

There are required Florida State licenses to do both jobs, but many “certified professionals” claim to understand how to effectively test & treat mold without the proper training. This can make all the difference.

Online “certification” takes a few hours, a State License requires 4 years of experience and a college degree, and this is what separates our Mold Remediator from others. 

You can search Florida State Licenses for any mold remediator HERE, to verify he/she is qualified, and active with their CE (continuing education).

Using a Licensed Mold Remediator, assures you they are properly insured, highly trained &  qualified.

Do it Once – Do it Right.